SWiSH Boutique is dedicated to providing shoppers access to the best possible merchandise.  After all, SWiSH literally means "Impressively Smart & Fashionable".  The better a garment is made, the more unique an item is, the more SWiSHers can potentially accrue in trade value. If you are considering bringing in items, PLEASE first reference the checklist below to clarify what we will, and will NOT accept. All sizes and genders welcome. 

1)  We LOVE Colorful, Fun, Unique, Hand/Custom Made, Upcycled, Vintage, Retro, and Fabulous pieces.

(This is SWiSH Boutique, not Becky Boutique.)

2)  Items MUST be Quality Made.

(NO discount store or fast-fashion brands; Please and Thank you.)

3)  Items MUST be Freshly Laundered, Dry Cleaned, and/or Pressed?

(Anything with pet hair, odors, wrinkles and/or stains WILL be rejected.)

4)  Check for Holes, Rips, Missing Buttons, and Broken Zippers.

(Distressed is COOL. Destroyed is NOT.)

5)  Is it "Miami Friendly"?

(Light Sweaters & Jackets are OK. Heavy winter-wear really not wanted.)

Store Credit is issued via Gift Card and Never Expires.

You may Add To, or Shop From your Swish Card ANY TIME (in store only).

Trade Walk-Ins Welcome Tuesday thru Friday, 1pm - 6pm.

SWiSH Boutique Reserves the Right to Reject ANY Item, For ANY Reason, At ANY Time.